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I sold my soul to the company store

So I sold my soul to the company store. That’s the problem with working for a corporation. Okay, you might get a good boss. You might get a boss who wants to make say, 8 million bucks a year and pay the staff say well, nothing at all……


The latter is typical of a lot of companies. What is your expeience of working?

advertising schmadvertising

once did some freelance proofreading here in the
late 1990s by way of some silly recruiting company,
and it was some of the most depressing
few weeks of my life.  Toto SUCKED they are
total wankers and the people I worked for were total jerks
and the manager I had there was like the wicked witch
of the feckin’ west.  The air of fear and paranoia was palpable from the first
second I walked in there, but why for a stupid advertising firm in Manhattan? Are we working at The FBI or Homeland Security? No. I hopetoto close as soon as possible and   That should
pretty much sum it up.

I meant to add though that I once did a three-week proofreading
stint as a freelancer at USA Today and they were THE BEST,
everybody was totally, totally cool, and they just left me alone to
do my job and nobody even bothered me or even checked in on me,
they just let me go to it and take my lunch whenever I wanted
and it was the loosest company I ever worked for.  So not all of these
media companies are like Grey Direct, that’s for sure.

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Shares in the owner of the Daily Mail plunge 25% after warning of a tough 2018

Daily MailDaily Mail front page on 29 September 2016.Daily Mail/Twitter
  • Shares in Daily Mail owner DMGT dropped nearly 25% in early trading on Thursday
  • The company announced losses of £112.3 million for the full year to September.


LONDON — Shares in Daily Mail owner DMGT dropped nearly 25% in early trading on Thursday after posting a pre-tax loss for the full year to September and warned 2018 will be “adversely affected by recent disposals and challenging conditions.”

The firm, which also owns the Metro newspaper brand, said in a results statement that its full-year loss was £112.3 million pounds, including impairment charges, compared to last year’s profit of £201.7 million.

Here’s the chart:


It said 2018 would be a “year of transition” and added:

“The Group’s short-term earnings will be adversely affected by recent disposals and challenging conditions in some of our sectors.  However, the Board is confident that in the medium term the strategy will result in DMGT being well-positioned to generate sustainable earnings growth with a strong balance sheet which will underpin DMGT’s long-standing commitment to deliver real dividend growth.”

Shares were down 24% at 531p at 8.40 a.m. GMT (3.40 a.m. ET).

Shares in the owner of the Daily Mail plunge 25% after warning of a tough 2018

Shares in the owner of the Daily Mail plunge 25% after warning of a tough 2018

Shares in Daily Mail owner DMGT dropped nearly…

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JULY 5 birth date chart

July 5 Horoscope

As a Cancer born on July 5th, you are surrounded by mystery and sensitivity. While others struggle to comprehend the emotions of others, you always found the practice natural and easy. Your deep emotional understanding is the source of your compassion and sympathy. Though in-tune with emotions, you are far from an open book, preferring to keep things to yourself. This tendency is often met with opposition from those closest to you, who often struggle to understand the workings of your mind.

Water is your paired element and as a Cancer, you have the most fundamental relationship with the element. Emotions take on the unpredictable nature of water, which explains why you often find yourself riding strong waves of emotion. You notice every change in your emotional tide and those around you. The positive qualities of water should be embraced, but be aware that becoming fully submerged in the waters of emotion can lead to an unsettling temperament.

The moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the influence of Pluto. The mysteries of the moon are responsible for your psychic-like emotional perceptiveness. These qualities form an interesting relationship with the power-mindedness of Pluto’s influence. Your strong will is met with your strong emotions, which can sometimes be a volatile mix. Finding security in a loving relationship will help to ease the struggles of your inner conflicts. To keep a strong relationship going, make sure to curb your overly-jealous nature.

Your persevering, yet sensitive, personality will translate into a successful career. Although choosing a career path comes with difficulty, you are well suited for a position of authority either in business, administration or finance. Those with more artistic talents, may find a rewarding career as a singer or entertainer. Look to the emotional lyrics of Huey Lewis or the powerful acting of Eva Green, who were both born on July 5th, for inspiration.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a group of dining hall guests relaxing after a large and filling banquet. There is great satisfaction to be found in over-indulgence, but one must remember that this satisfaction is only temporary. There is a dullness that comes with too strong of a focus on the material world. You must take care not to fall into this pattern.

Here are a few Cancer celebrities born on July 5th and their past or present romantic connections:

Eva Green (Cancer) and Marton Csokas (Cancer)
Kathryn Erbe (Cancer) and Terry Kinney (Aquarius)

Cancer Relationship Compatibility

July 5th is associated with Birthday Number 3
July 5th is associated with Tarot Card 3 of Cups


The world as we know it is changing- is a new war here ; I hope not

Folks, the world as we know it is changing. Over the past few days there has been the news that tensions have risen between North Korea and the U.S. As a corollary the United States has sent air troops over. I fear that this is the start of something quite ugly. Remember, that history repeats itself. It takes a few harsh words, an unstable leader aka K J U and some rather big egos thrown in the mix.

So, let us go back to the cause of world war one. Britain, France, Ireland and Russia were part of an alliance called the Triple Entente, while Germany aligned itself with Austria-Hungary – known as the Central Powers. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914, it triggered a chain of events that resulted in World War 1.

Okay , okay so that is what, G.C.S.E History and I see you shaking your heads in despair. For fugs sake, I ain’t sixteen years old. But do, for I feel that the events of the past few days could be the start of perhaps world war three. I hope not. Sincerely, I hope not. I am also somewhat alarmed at some peoples response which is kind of not bothered. This war could involve Asia and could potentially cause mass casualties’. Because it is a nuclear war. I am also reminded of the brilliant Ray Davies song ( from the Kinks) Apeman.

So, let’s end on that note.

I don’t feel safe in this world no more
I don’t want to die in a nuclear war
I want to sail away to a distant shore
And make like an ApemanI’m an Apeman, I’m an Ape Apeman
No, I’m an Apeman
Well, I’m a King Kong man, I’m a Voo-Doo man
No, I’m an Apeman