2 straws and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence chopsticks


  1. hmm

    She’s going to be one of those actresses that we look back on and wonder what all the fuss was about. She’s not that attractive, and she doesn’t seem that interesting of a person.

  2. That Guy From That Movie

    Amy Schumer has ruined her cute act for me now. After Amy did that skit were she was on the talk show playing the Jennifer Lawrence type actress doing the “Ain’t I SOOO adorably cute?” bit, I can never quite see Jennifer the same way. What once seem authentic now it seems so contrived.


    • suck it

      The skit was mostly parodying Blake Lively and a little bit of GOOP

      • mswilde

        look at the sketch and then look at Lawrence on late night shows and… yeah you’ll see it. indeed it’s MOSTLY parodying Lively and Paltrow but if she had been too obvious about mocking “omg so down to earth and so goofy!JLaw”, it could have backfired

    • cc

      I was never authentic. ‘Tries too hard’ springs to mind whenever I see this idiot.

    • glumcunt

      Pretty sure the actress in that skit was named Lake Blively

  3. Frederick Buddha

    From what I’ve seen, her favorite dish is Mo’ Goo Guy Peen.

  4. ChoJinn

    One has to give Jlaw credit for being indifferent to whether people find her interesting, attractive, etc. Good actress; we can leave it at that.

  5. msctex

    For fuck’s sake. Compared to the Paltrow-vian sanctimony and Kardashian white trashery this site usually offers, this is Audrey Hepburn in an evening gown.

    • Dr.JFever

      Absolutely! Jennifer Lawrence actions, self depreciation, and goofiness is more like classic movie stars from the past. Paltrow is a pretentious twit, the K-crew are trailer trash like the Palins, just with darker complexions & a better grift.

      I’m thinking more like Audrey Hepburn in black cigarette pants and ballet flats. Classy casual, not classy formal.

  6. pavement_smear

    Her schtick is ‘cute’. But as you’re approaching 40 (as Martin is), ‘cute’ starts getting irritating pretty quickly. Whether he’s Minogue’ing or not, I don’t see this lasting much longer. GooPs vacation plan seems to have worked out perfectly – nothing like a little group planning to highlight maturity level and lifestyle differences.
    “splinters on his penis? … I’m not sure if I like that.”
    I’m betting you would if it was Jennifer Lawrence.

  7. thepopGeezer commented on this photo:

    “GOD! I’m so much FUN!!!”

  8. thepopGeezer commented on this photo:

    “Theeriouthly, thith helpth when I work it on Theven here. Cauth I only have two handth.”

  9. vitobonespur commented on this photo:

    Who are the dusky-hued individuals she’s hanging with?

  10. vitobonespur commented on this photo:

    “Someone stop that radie…she reave with chop sticks…not suppose to take…that not be regal! Someone carr porice!”

  11. Urbanspaceman

    Does anybody remember when there was glamour over there in Hollywood?

  12. vitobonespur

    She’s pretty fuckin’ goofy sometimes, but I still think she’s hot and I’d go down on her like the German Battleship Bismarck.

  13. seymour butz commented on this photo:

    how déclassé. as the Duchess of Windsor used to tell me ” You can never be too rich, too thin or wear brown chopsticks on your face after septemeber”


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