Aaron Taylor Johnson is happy- Flaunt magazine

He’s so selective: “It’s not just about character, it’s about the filmmaker as well. It’s about working with great directors. I’m so selective. The roles that I’ve turned down are just due to the fact that the character itself didn’t really do it for me, didn’t challenge me enough. I have to connect to that character and know that I’ll be able to properly execute its story alongside the director. When I pick characters, there’s a diversity, something I obviously associate with, and I embed myself in that.”

His marriage to Sam Taylor Johnson: “There’s not much people don’t already know. It’s tricky to be open and candid while maintaining privacy, but the veil’s already been lifted and I think I have a handle on it now.”

His life before Sam: “I worked hard, played hard, and had money to burn. I got myself into some serious, crappy situations. My adolescence was all about wild exploring and experimentation, about doing and trying everything. Searching for what fit right.”

He used to think he was stupid: “I thought I was stupid, wasn’t clever enough. I had really low self esteem, but when I started making films, and was around all these people in the film world, I felt empowered and I felt special. Not because I was an actor, not because of the fame from it. I felt like I finally had a voice. I was able to be openly and freely myself. I was allowed to cry and be emotional. I was allowed to yell and be as bold as I wanted.”

Meeting Sam: “I took my exams at fifteen, finished school and never looked back. After school, I threw myself more into acting, did job after job. Constantly running away. Ultimately, I was just lost. Then my life completely changed with Nowhere Boy, when I met Sam. We just clicked from day one. We’re very close and instantly had a connection. I was just on the cusp at that point. In a way, she helped me transition out of that nomad kind-of-lifestyle. Because I felt secure with her. Second I met Sam, I knew I wanted to stop running, I just wanted to stay in the moment with her. And that’s what it’s been ever since then.”Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Flaunt Magazine  231501


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