Bristol Plain is pregnant again. One month after calling off her wedding.

What the public are saying:

  1. “Yes,” Palin continued, “so I’m now pregnant with an out-of-wedlock hate baby. Now, let me tell you about why January Jones is a whore for doing the same thing, while Jesus gently massages my righteous uterus.”

    1. Gdex
    2. So God this is awful, but I feel actually sorry for the girl. This is a woman who because of her mom being a complete fuckwit has had to try to live up to the most fucked up standards for sex and sexuality that a human being could be forced too. Someone in their 20’s who wants to have sex, but can’t because “I’m Not married”, and you know even if she was boning every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Alaska she can’t ever ever use contraception because the only thing worse then being the Crowned Princess of Abstinence caught with your thighs open is being caught using the Pill too.
    3. I can revel in the sweet sweet schadenfreude but it’s hard when you realize that much like a crack baby the poor girl didn’t stand a chance.
    1. Dox

    You feel bad for her?

    Why? While I am no fan of the Palin family, I’m relatively certain Bristol isn’t going to be in the food stamp line. And to be quite honest with you, she made her decisions. Period…. or no period. (I can’t believe I just said that.)

    At any rate, Fuck Bristol Palin and her entire family. I don’t give a shit if she machine gun’s little mutant neo conservative, pseudo religious children out of her uterus until it prolapses and drags on the ground behind her. (Suddenly I regret using that imagery.) She has every right to get pregnant, in and out of wedlock, around wedlock, dancing on the ashes of wedlock, or just flipping it off in passing.

    Now…. her amazing hypocrisy and the delicious irony that comes about from condemning others whilest engaging in the Bukkake chain gang of ecstasy… That’s amusing as hell.

  • welldoneson

    My lord you Palin haters are full of yourselves.
    BTW “yourselves” are shit.

    1. cc
    2. I find this hilarious. There’s a few common threads among her followers. being censorious bible-pounders is the biggest. The fact this idiot’s daughter would have two children out of wedlock would normally be kryponite to these people. But her followers will somehow make excuses for her. On the other hand, if one of Obama’s daughters found herselves pregnant out of wedlock, they’d be hooting and hollering about what a lousy parent he is…not too mention every racist would crawl out from under their rocks and rejoice in the opportunity to trumpet some stereotypes.
    1. Skippy3000

    Seems like you re rejoicing in the opportunity to trumpet stereotypes as well.

  • Griefer

    Nobody would ever know about Obama’s daughters getting pregnant because they would have abortions.

  • TheSuperfacial

    Who is the one thumbsdown?

    1. Jimbo
    2. This what I love about the righteous right. Do as I say, not as I do.
    1. Deacon Jones


    When the GOP isn’t fondling boys or getting caught with gay escorts, their daughters are getting knocked up by trailer trash. Gotta love being preached to by these goons.

    • Mitch

      Amazes me how you anti-establishment retards worship one party over another.

      Once you finally get that college degree, you will realize that all political parties are full of frauds and losers.

      Until your light bulb goes on, the intelligent humans will continue to laugh at you behind your back.

  • Skippy3000

    The right never claims to be perfect or that they never commit sin.

    But I have to ask you this: because no human being is perfect and we all mistakes, should we stop striving to meet high moral standards? Or should we just stop living by any moral standards because everyone is going to end up falling short one way or another?

    • Jezzer

      Which one will lead you shutting the fuck up? I pick that one.

    • Jimbo

      Both sides of the isle is guilty in different ways. However it is the Right that wants to tell people what is right and wrong in their person lives like abstinence, Gay marriage (which they just lost today), any kind of gun control, abortion, I think that is enough. Don’t get me wrong, the left are a bunch hypocrite too

    • The Great Catsby

      “should we stop striving to meet high moral standards”

      Absolutely not, but shut up and strive, instead of hectoring everyone ELSE to meet those standards. Since we are all fallible, maybe a little humility would be in order from the righteous right.

      Is that really so complicated?

    • That Guy From That Movie

      “But I have to ask you this: because no human being is perfect and we all mistakes, should we stop striving to meet high moral standards?”

      No, but we also shouldn’t be looking for moral leadership in the people who appear to be the most immoral of all.

    • Yrsa

      Moral standards.
      You mean to say: What I believe to be moral standards.

      Not the same thing.

    • Dox

      Or should we just stop living by any moral standards because everyone is going to end up falling short one way or another?

      No, but maybe your religious fanatics could shut the fuck up and stop judging others…. and, oh, I don’t know…. fucking live by the rules of your traditions rather than cherry picking whatever shit currently suits your mood, whilest engaging in the very acts you condemn on a daily basis.

      How about trying that… just fucking once. It would be an amazing change of pace.

      Oh. And Jezzer requests you shut the fuck up. You may have missed that post. Let me sum it up for you. Shut the fuck up. You’re welcome.

    • Skippy3000

      Why are you left wingers reacting with so much anger and hatred and saying f*** you over and over? I thought liberals were supposed to be open minded and tolerant and capable of providing intelligent responses.

    • Name (Invisible)

      Poor Skippy3000, all these mean words..

    • brtn

      They are the ones preaching high moral standards, their supports just selectively forget these things when it works for them.

      Anyone saying Christ will salve their fat pregnant feet while they fight through having a hate baby , shot into her by someone that isn’t their fiancee while engaged, and say that gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married because it (*doesn’t*) say so in the bible, can get fucked. Again.

    1. Skippy3000
    2. I don’t understand why people react so angrily to those who promote abstinence. Will everyone actually wait for marriage before having sex? Of course not. But why not strive for that goal anyway?
    3. For example, I know that it is wrong to tell a lie and when I have kids I plan to teach them to always tell the truth. At the same time, I readily admit that I fall short of that ideal and will sometimes tell a lie. Does that mean I should stop advocate for the importance of telling the truth?
    4. ++
    5. +
    1. Gdex

    Because they just stop at the “Don’t have sex” part.

    It’s like say you gave someone a bomb and told them “Now never let the yellow and green wires touch.” and walked away. Hopefully they never ever touch, but you are missing out on “Now if they touch you can deactivate the bomb by cutting the blue wire” or “If you make sure to cover the yellow and green wire in plastic nobody has to die even if they do touch.”

  • Jimbo

    It is not so much the promoting of abstinence, it is the fact that she had one kid at 16 out of wedlock. Then starts promoting abstinence and gets pregnant again. You can’t tell people one thing and when they are not looking, you are having unprotected sex. And yes, you can’t tell your kids not to lie if you are a big fat liar. It’s like telling your kids not to smoke with a cigarette in your hand

  • The Great Catsby

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    “when I have kids I plan to”

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, that’s great. Because once you have kid(s) everything you planned totally is what happens.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. My eyes are watering.

  • That Guy From That Movie

    It’s not the striving-but-failing that people have a problem with, it’s the hypocrisy of people like Sarah Palin who wants to assert that she has the moral authority to both judge others and offer us poor heathens moral guidance, even has her own family falls into obvious moral ruin.

    The problem is the sanctimonious assholes who want to pretend that they never fail and have the right to judge others who do–all the while trying desperately to cover-up the fact that they HAVE FAILED, ARE FAILING, AND CONTINUE TO FAIL.

    I guarantee you that Duggar asshole, Sarah Palin, etc. are still standing up at GOP rallies and claiming their own moral superiority and condemning the rest of us for not having enough Jebus. But if God and Satan exist, these hypocrites real actions seem to indicate that their real master is the latter, not the former.

    Want to know who the Duggars’/Palins’/etc. REAL master is? Look at their actions, not their words. They’re not sorry they sin, they’re only sorry they get caught at it.

  • JC

    Here’s the thing that the faux-Christians ignore: Yes, Jesus forgives according to that faith, but you have to actually TRY to be good. It’s not a free pass to just be a constant dick. The (few) people I know who are genuinely Christian actually strive to be good and they don’t make a habit of constantly judging everybody else–they don’t just run around being hateful and ignoring their religion’s precepts and then pull out the sanctimony card when it suits them.

    1. TheAlchemist
    2. *Third* pregnancy, we all know that other damn kid is hers and not her mother’s. This hypocritical idiot basically missed almost all of high school because she was pregnant multiple times and they were covering it up.
    1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Wasn’t the kid in question DS? That’s Sarah’s old ass eggs.

    • Urbanspaceman

      Nope. The “kid in question” is not DS, he’s a bourbon baby. And he’s Bristol’s.

  • cc

    It would be kind of amusing if that was true but, as much as I loathe this family, I don’t think it’s true.

    1. Topher
    2. If she wasn’t so self-righteous about everything, I’d feel sorry for her. But as it stands, she fucked a guy, possibly not her fiancee and has the Alaskan balls to champion conservative values.
    3. Also, I am a little disturbed by my enjoyment of the visual regarding Fish jizzing his way out of a window like a witch on a broomstick.
    1. That Guy From That Movie

    A Palin kid pregnant out of wedlock, gay marriage legalized, and Bella Thorne showing her butt again. This must be like Christmas in June for Fish. If Hilary Duff releases some nude photos this afternoon, he may well orgasm himself to death.

    1. USDA Prime McBeef
    2. It could be God’s baby: The second coming of Christ, conceived through immaculate reverse cowgirl. Won’t all you fucking suckers be eating the shit out of some crow then.
    1. cc

    ‘conceived through immaculate reverse cowgirl.’

    But was he ‘thumbing’ at the time?

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Why don’t you try reading the goddamn scriptures rather than asking idiotic questions? Of course He was thumbing.

    1. Griefer
    2. Bristol must not be a big fan of birth control as Mel Gibson, and she won’t even say who the father is. I think we know why the last wedding was called off.
    1. That Guy From That Movie

    ” she won’t even say who the father is”

    My guess is “some guy wearing a blue t-shirt in the bathroom of the Anchorage Denny’s.”

    • Dox

      My guess is “some guy wearing a blue t-shirt in the bathroom of the Anchorage Denny’s.”

      Hey, a girls gotta have standards.
      Bristol’s not just any truck stop whore.

    1. Frederick Buddha
    2. “I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.” Well, fine, but what about those of us who already didn’t want to talk to you and already didn’t give a shit? Any special instructions for us?

    1. Annie
    3. Could she be more white trash? Getting into brawls at parties, having kids with different fathers, none of which were ever her husband. Super classy woman. No wonder she’s so defensive and attacks other women. The worst women are the most hypocritical and judgemental ones.
    4. She doesn’t have my sympathy. I’m loving this shitstorm and can’t wait to find out who the father is. No wonder she was left at the altar!
    1. cc

    Oh ya, I’d forgotten about the drunken brawl. I wonder if she somehow got pregnant during that brawl….you know, inadvertent ejaculation while she was tussling with some guy who happened to whip his penis out?

    I particularly enjoyed the little detail about them arriving to that party in a stretch Hummer limo; if that doesn’t scream ‘tacky’ I don’t know does.

    1. That Guy From That Movie
    2. What were you saying about how you would restore family values and morality to poor sinful America again, Sarah?

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