Britney and Charlie split

Terry: You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it. It was you, Charley. Britney Spears in Full Body Scanner at LAXBritney Spears in Full Body Scanner at LAXsome comments:

  1. Dox
  2. That was… so disturbing….
    Jesus, Fish.. we need to get you laid.

    1. Cock Dr
    2. How long did Charlie last?
      Did he last as long as the last one?
      He sure didn’t last as long as Fat Boy Former Dancer, but that one was exceptionally talented at sneaking babies into her which prolonged his gravy train ride way past what anyone expected.

      1. jay
      2. I love your site, But I am not a fan of these “bertney” stories. I could see bagging on her dad for turning her into the walking dead but she doesn’t have any more control over her mental illnesses than a minority has over their skin color. It just seems like low hanging fruit. it doesn’t bother me enough to run me off the site because I think you have a way of cutting through to the core questions sometimes , and I like tits. But she has had a tough time and truthfully with the exception of the time her mental illness blew up, she seems to be an ok person. Loves her kids, not being like a Hilton,etc. Of course my mom has some fairly serious mental illnesses that went untreated for a while and crop up occasionally, so it’s hard for me to laugh at
      1. Aren

      Sorry to hear about your mom.
      My mom is quite sane, still I think Britney is FUBAR, same as that Stodden woman. They’re victims of their own mothers, nothing to laugh about.

    • Matrim

      You must not have read all of them. There is an ongoing narrative with these stories, where basically Bertney’s father is making her like this with drugs in order to control her life and money.

      It’s less making fun of mental illness and more (probably with scary accuracy) describing a woman being manipulated and exploited by her parents.

        • jay

          I admit that I’ve only read 4 maybe 5 of them. But instead of laughing I just felt sad she was being forced to be a dancing bear© t.soprano. Like I said it just maybe is a subject I’m too close to to see humor in the situation.

        • Carla

          “It’s less making fun of mental illness and more (probably with scary accuracy) describing a woman being manipulated and exploited by her parents.”

    • Lilac

      his stories are not even making fun of her, but more of the whole situation and that is probably exactly how her dad and people around her treat her. she has a mental illness, should be left alone to live a peaceful live, and not being forced to work in the spotlight just to make more money for her greedy father.

        • jay

          I sort of feel that making her talk like that is holding her up to ridicule. Granted, it’s been explained that I may be missing the point. Like I explained before, I’m maybe just too close to this subject.

        • Statler N. Waldorf

          I’ll share with you something I read in a newsletter from a site that specializes in highly-offensive t shirts… it was a piece of hate mail from someone saying, basically “I find all your shirts funny, except for this one because my brother has such-and-such disease.” The editor’s response was “Oh? So all the shirts about murder, cancer, pedophilia, rape, etc. are okay, but this one crosses the line because it affects you?”

          So don’t take this as criticism – because it’s not meant to be – just as food for thought. The editor’s response was a bit of an epiphany for me, and gave me a bit of a different perspective on comedy, being offended, etc.. All that said, best of luck to you and your mom.. Hope everything works out.

        • jay

          Maybe I am taking the humor too personally. It’s nice someone can show a different way without resorting to insults or mockery.

        • Statler N. Waldorf

          I know, it’s a fucking rare thing on the Interhatz… akin to finding a unicorn, or getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery.

    1. cc
    2. Good, here’s my chance to loot her bank accounts. I mean, that’s what her boyfriends do right?

    1. aedeoiad
    2. Hm, she’s just over in the Valley somewhere, right? That’s a short drive.
    3. Asking for a friend.

    1. TheAlchemist
    2. I feel like these need to be published in a book somewhere, they are awesomely disturbing.

      1. vitobonespur
      2. She must be awfully damned hard to deal with. Guys come and go more often than the fucking milk man. It’s a terrible shame, ‘cuz I still find her attractive as hell and would dive into her “pool” at the drop of her brassiere.
      1. jay

      Talking to someone on lithium or something similar is tough. If you didn’t know and care for the person before their illness and being medicated, then it would be hard to invest in the effort to get to know them, and even if you knew them before the illness, they are almost completely different people, very lethargic and slow speaking, like they are thinking of each word individually before they say it. Also I imagine having sex with someone who is somewhat incapacitated would feel kinda skeezy. you’re right that she is a sexy woman, my opinion as well.

    1. jay
    2. I finally found some humor in it- I hope her dad doesn’t set her up with Bill Cosby next. His works half done. And he’s far from finished.

    1. jay
    2. Sometimes I write very poorly, excuse me y’all. His work is half done for him. I’m the type of person who needs an edit option.

    1. KittyLePurr
    2. Why PBS hasn’t picked this up is beyond me!
    3. Quality children’s television programming right here.
    4. ::gets PBS on line 1::
    5. *keep ’em coming. Good work, Fish 🙂

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