Jennifer and Justin to split ? !

Justin was allegedly having an affair. The woman worked on or currently works on The Leftovers. Jennifer “heard whispers” of the affair for about a year. At first, all Jennifer knew was that it was Justin’s coworker and she was “supposedly a blonde.”

Jennifer and Justin fought. Jennifer kept bringing up the rumors of Supposed Blonde and they had “many arguments” about her. Justin “swears nothing happened, but she thought different, and the fact that he may have cheated has stayed in the back of her mind.”

Jennifer confronted the Supposed Blonde. Remember when Jennifer seemingly traveled to NYC for no real reason last month? Well, she went out to dinner with Jason Bateman and Jason’s wife and they ran into the “pretty blonde.” So of course Aniston got in the woman’s face and a source says, “She immediately asked this blonde if she’d had an affair with Justin. I mean, it was ballsy. This woman was so taken aback, she looked like she was about to die. She just said, ‘No, no,’ and quickly left.” Jennifer obviously took the “no” as “a sign of guilt.”

Jennifer then called Justin. She was all, “SO I MET YOUR MISTRESS” and he was all “What are you talking about?” and she’s all “The engagement is off, you son of a bitch.” I might be taking some dramatic license there.wenn22061849


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