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Reese Witherspoon’s husband is a barfly, a happy-hour lover & a bad tipper


Jim Toth and Reese Witherpoon’s marriage served two purposes. It wasn’t just about making Reese a bankable actress and getting her another Oscar nomination (although that was a large part of it). No, Reese and Jim also got married to smooth out his image as a party-loving Hollywood agent constantly knee-deep in wannabe actresses and boozy shenanigans. All of that came out following Reese and Jim’s dual 2013 arrests in Georgia – he was arrested for a DUI, Reese was arrested for being an AMERICAN CITIZEN (and a drunk and belligerent one at that). My point is that Reese and Jim are still pretty boozy, despite their attempts at an image makeover. Now Star Magazine says that Jim is a total barfly, that he avoids Reese by sitting in his favorite bar for hours on end, four nights a week. Oh, and he hits on the ladies.

Two years after he and his wife were arrested after a night of drinking, sources say Reese Witherspoon‘s husband Jim Toth, is still hitting the bottle and causing a ruckus at a local watering hole.

“Jim is a big fan of happy-hour drinks. He comes in multiple times a week by himself to watch whatever sports team is on TV,” says an insider who frequents Tavern Restaurant, just a few miles from Reese and Jim’s Brentwood, Caif., home. “Staff members roll their eyes when he walks in because they know what’s coming.”

“Jim’s drinking habits run the same course every time,” says the regular. “He’ll order a few beers, which then turns into whiskey drinks or strong mixed coctails. Jim will drink in the middle of the day, and by the end of happy hour, he’s shouting at the TV. He doesn’t tip very well either.”

“One day, two young women were seated at the bar watching the baseball game; it was about two in the afternoon. Jim came up to the bar, sat next to them and started chatting them up,” says another regular. “He tried to start up a conversation about the game, but the girls tried to ignore him. The girls got up and left the restaurant thanks to him.”

“Reese and Jim fight like every couple, but the truth is, she isn’t exactly easy to deal with,” says an insider. “She’s very bossy and controlling. Just look at her drunken arrest—you can see what Jim has to put up with. She can also get insecure, and they’ve had fights over this.”

“Given the amount of time he spends in here, you’ve gotta wonder if he just doesn’t want to go home,” says one of the Tavern Restaurant’s regulars. “I can’t imagine Reese is too happy about the time he spends here. I hope, for both their sakes, he’s not drinking away their marriage.”

[From Star Magazine]

Does CAA allow their agents to be so boozy in the middle of the day, multiple days of the work week? I know the Hollywood system can still feel like it’s caught in a Mad Men-era, but I seriously doubt that Toth has this much free time to booze it on the regular without CAA noticing and caring. That being said, I believe that he’s a regular at the Tavern, mostly because of this detail: “He doesn’t tip very well either.” If he tipped well, we would never have heard this story. Because he’s a bad tipper, someone at the bar is selling him out.

Here are some photos of Reese from the last week. She gets pap’d so often these days. She’s gotta sell that Draper James stuff somehow.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flyet.

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93 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon’s husband is a barfly, a happy-hour lover & a bad tipper”



    1. Snazzy says:

      So basically two rich a**holes got married and make each other nuts by their a**holeness … right?

    2. ldub says:

      this is surprising to?……*crickets*

    3. Lilacflowers says:

      “Jim will drink in the middle of the day, and by the end of happy hour, he’s shouting at the TV. He doesn’t tip very well either.”

      Take care of your bartender and your bartender will take care of you.

    4. Shambles says:

      At first I thought the headline said, “A Barfy Happy Hour Lover,” but sadly it isn’t so. Not quite as fun now.

    5. jen2 says:

      Will he follow this week’s theme with one of the ladies being hit on being the nanny? I am sure the Nanny Association is going to have a press release soon and defend themselves from the crazy Hollywood husbands club of cheaters.

    6. kibbles says:

      I predict these two will eventually file for divorce. They both seem intolerable to be around for long periods of time. I wonder why this is coming out now if this has been a habit of his for quite some time. Is this a new bar for him or is this an old haunt and he pissed someone off, either because he’s a bad tipper or for some other reason…

    7. Betti says:

      Are we surprised – we saw this during her arrest. She’s well known for being difficult and demanding, didn’t her costar in Election say as much (at this was at the beginning of her career). I suspect this is another divorce story being leaked/stage managed.

      PS. love the blue checked shirt she’s wearing.

      • Kiddo says:

        Yeah but, how controlling is she, really, when her husband is getting drunk from the day hours into the night? Seems like he has free rein to drink himself into the ‘yelling at the TV in public’ idiocy point, and running out of money to leave tips. That is a person who is most definitely ‘out of control’.

        I’m not a fan of the American Citizen of entitlement, but no one is forcing this guy to drink and act like a jerk. Big boys get divorces when they are unhappy.

      • funcakes says:

        I remember when she botched down Ryan P. on the red carpet during the Oscars one year.
        There was no sound but she was doing all the talking while Ryan looked tired of her sh@t.
        He was probably a pain in the a$$ too. But can’t you wait to get home for that?

      • EN says:

        I remember Tom Hardy and Chris Pine did a movie with her and I watched a part of an interview with 3 of them. Reese was sitting in the middle looking all pleased like a queen, and both Pine and Hardy kept fidgeting and shifting and I had a feeling they wanted to hide under a table or something just to get away from Reese.

      • Kosmos says:

        I agree, especially after the DUI stop, that she is likely demanding and difficult to live with. So much for the sweet image I once had of her. After that, it forever changed my allegiance to Reese, too bad, because I admire good female actresses, but if they seem at all entitled or impolite to others, they’re definitely OFF my list. I’m glad I found out what she’s really about.

    8. MrsBPitt says:

      I know this is stupid….but I don’t like his face…he looks mean! He’s probably a sweet guy (or not) but first impression looking at that face A$$hole!!!!! They look perfect together!!!

    9. Maya says:

      so Tim is laying the groundwork about him not being happy with Reese, that she is bossy and controlling which is why he cheated etc

      Reese is a first class b*tch and can’t say I am feeling sympathetic.

      What is is with people you think are sweet and then bam they become friends with vile mean queen Chelsea Handler and their real bitc*y, rude, vile and kind of racist personalities gets exposed? First Jennifer Aniston, then Reese followed by Charlize Theron. Just waiting for Sandra Bullock to be exposed…

    10. Nessa says:

      I definitely believe this story. She is insufferable. They both seem shady as hell. And, why is it always rich people that are the worst tippers?!? Ugh.

    11. Freddy Spaghetti says:

      He has to deal with Reese and all his other clients. I’m not surprised he drinks, but that he’s dumb enough to be a bad tipper. Unless this is a paving stone for another divorce path.

    12. AG-UK says:

      All I can say is thank God my 2nd Husband Jake came to his senses he’d probably be a big drinker too by now.

    13. Jayna says:

      So a boozy regular it appears in there all the time too sells a story about another boozy regular?

      Why did he have to marry Reese to clean up his image? He’s a CAA agent. No one knew him as in him being famous. He had a lot of clients because he got the job done.

    14. Ming says:

      These two also heading to Splitville? I still cannot get over Kermit & Miss Piggy’s divorce (sigh)

    15. MinnFinn says:

      Why the euphemism of ‘barfly’ when it seems pretty clear JT is an alcoholic? Sad fact – roughly 25% of Americans abuse drugs or alcohol. And no, I did not pull that out of my arse. CDC has all the data including substance abuse per capita by occupation. Hospitality workers used to have the highest per capita abuse. Not sure if that’s still true.

    16. NewWester says:

      Sounds like someone is laying the groundwork to file for divorce.

    17. Tippipippi says:

      They sound perfect together. Good for them, hope they make each other as miserable as they are nasty.

    18. Twinkle says:

      CDAN did a post on all her pap photos a while ago and claimed that she has her very own pap on call, who sells her photos and gives her half the proceeds. Sounds fair.

      There have been a million blinds about her behaviour in the past – it would seem that she’s not the sweet wee thing people seem to think she is, and the ‘drunk video’ did not show the worst of her. So yeah, I could definitely understand why he tries to avoid her.

      As for the claim he sits in a bar for hours on end though … nope; I’m not buying it. I’m sure his Agency wouldn’t put up with that sort of behaviour (or hitting on the talent either – surely they have some sort of ethics code that their staff have to adhere to?).

    19. Talie says:

      Lainey’s blind items are awful about her home life and how she treats staff.

    20. A. Key says:

      I don’t know what’s worse, that she dumped Jake Gyllenhaal for this, or that Jake was in love with her obnoxious a** ….

    21. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

      Reese looks very tan & extra blonde. I always wondered what she saw in him.

      • Betti says:

        He’s a power agent in Hollywood and reps a lot of the big names – great for ur career.

        She is looking good at the mo and i have always liked her as an actress – she does have talent. I still laff over the story of when she was in the UK and went to a reception at Kensington Palace and went running around the place looking for Kate. LOL

    22. Livealot says:

      Whatever. I like her all her sunglasses and outfit in the first pic.

    23. lila fowler says:

      Sounds like the Affleck-Garner marriage.

    24. kimbers says:

      Let’s just call this like the stereotypical broken marriage it is…she got naggy bc he ignored her. Resentment ensures and he cheats. She finds out and accepts his apology but cant get over his bs. So now they’re just miserable assjoles together slowly killing each other with bitter resentments. ..

    25. EN says:

      I think Reese could do much better. I am not a fan of hers, but she looks nice, she is rich, she has a good head on her shoulders. And she marries this ultimate frat boy who looks entirely like too much work. Why? Was she not busy enough or didn’t have enough problems?
      This marriage is a sweet deal for him but I don’t get what she is getting out of it. As my mother says – it must be love.

    26. Paloma says:

      I recall a statement from his first wife saying he liked his alcohol.

    27. anna says:

      This is random and not shocking at all

    28. Marianne says:

      You see, marrying probably did not help his image and you know why…..WHO GAVE A F ABOUT JIM TOTH? Like seriously? If anything marrying her made him more a household name and therefore more people will find out (and possibly care) about his discrepancies.

    29. Allie May says:

      With all the money between them and he can’t tip well? I don’t blame them for selling the story. I would roll my eyes too when I see him walk through the door.

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