Gisele and Tom Brady. The BRADY BUNCH spilts.

Last week, People Magazine ran an article about Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady and the state of their marriage. Tommy has been irritable over the drama of the deflated balls. Yes, that drama. But according to US Weekly another drama is unfolding;

Tom Brady’s six-year marriage to Gisele Bundchen is in dangerous territory. A source close to the world’s highest-paid model, 35, and the $13 million-plus-a-year NFL pro, 38, reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly they’ve been having intense fights since he was hit with a four-game suspension in May. (Recap: A report concluded that the New England Patriots quarterback was “at least generally aware” of the team’s decision to deflate footballs to help nab a January playoff victory.)

“Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started acting out on her,” says the source of the pair, who didn’t celebrate their summer birthdays together. Their spats have become so heated that Bundchen recently consulted with a divorce lawyer, says a Brady insider. “Tom thinks it’s only a threat,” says the insider. “But this is definitely a rough patch.”

The parents to Benjamin, 5, and Vivian, 2, aren’t ready to admit defeat just yet. The Brady insider notes that they’re still sharing their Boston apartment and have made it a point to spend time together one-on-one. The Brazilian beauty also traveled to New York to be with Brady (who shares son John, 8, with ex Bridget Moynahan) for an Aug. 31 Deflategate hearing.

Still, says the first source, “Things are very tense right now. This could be the end of them.”

But whatever the status of their marriage, it appears the supermodel is standing by her husband during his Deflategate woes. Bundchen was spotted with Brady in New York on Monday, Aug. 31, after his latest hearing in the scandal.

[From Us Weekly]

Gisele consults divorce lawyer. And ‘that woman” that Tom left for Gisele. She laughing the highest pitched laugh of any giraffe in town.

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