Maria Sharapova earned over 285 million bucks

Maria Sharapova has spent the past decade-playing tennis and selling her soul to brands.. She won on court, she modeled off court. She was smart, attractive, and a good athlete.  One which didnt take drugs. Or so we thought. Her goal was to build the candy company she started, Sugarpova, into a lifestyle brand, which lived long after her playing days were done. Sharapova, her sponsors and her team at IMG built a compelling narrative that helped Sharapova earn $285 million during her career and cement her as the world’s highest-paid female athlete for 11 years running. With a shed load of Meldonium in her system, Maria ran about like a hyper animal; doping, winning, doping, earning money, doping, smiling…doping…

And now after this scandal her career may be over. No more doping, Maria.  It doesn’t suit you or anyone else. Not even Lance Armstrong.  Maybe the bullying she received at the hands of other in tennis camp- Bolliteieri – in Florida laid the foundation for her huge ambition. maybe her Dad pushed her too hard.  Ultimately the ambition swallowed her up and ate her whole; as she lied and cheated her way through ladies tennis. And the proverbial  dragon’s spit is not pretty. It’s the media absolutely tearing her apart ; as well as fellow tennis players speaking vocally.


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