Work shy William

I just don’t get it!’ It was February 2014 and Prince William was venting his frustration with his aides in customary style. His carefully planned announcement about the need to curb illegal poaching had produced less than flattering headlines – not least because William and Harry had only just returned from a trip to Cordoba in Spain to shoot deer and wild boar.

Of course, as William pointed out – seething with incomprehension – the two things were completely different. The timing was unfortunate, and eminently avoidable, whatever the technical rights and wrongs. But William, it is said, is rarely wrong.

Is he really like his mother Diana? He seems more like Charles to me. Harry has Diana’s way with people. He is sensitive and caring. And wild ! And freespoken; just like Lady Diana. But William remains an enigma; scarred by the untimely death of his mother Princess Diana. He tries to love kate, but his heart remains with Jecca Craig. Jecca is a keen conservationist and she is marrying a conservationist. But her heart remains with William and his with her. Who knows, perhaps in ten years time they will reunite. Jecca Craig is fond of calling people ‘smily’ ; an backhanded complement to kate Middleton. the truth is that Jecca despises Kate Middleton, and the middle England that she stands for. No, Jecca was brought up in Kenya and sees herself as a more exotic catch for William. Pole , pole — their relationship will be pole pole or slow , slow as the translation stands in Swahili. Mark my words, in ten years or so these two will reunite. I do see a huge heartbreak for Kate Middleton, one which will destroy her royal marriage and trust in love. Just like he dumped her before, William will callously let Kate Middleton go again.

The episode was just the start of a lengthening series of PR blunders culminating in last week’s furore over the family’s secret skiing trip to the exclusive French resort of Courchevel.

And some are pinning the blame on a new, young generation of courtiers and advisers thought to be incapable of saying ‘No’ to the headstrong 33-year-old.

It is a rather worrying turnaround for the Duke of Cambridge and his photogenic wife, a couple who could once do no wrong.

There was another media storm last March when the Duke visited the Xishuangbanna nature reserve in China. Had he read The Mail on Sunday, he would have known that some elephants were being made to play football, while others were seen with legs in shackles.

1) Off-piste: William faced a backlash after the release of pictures of the Cambridges’ secret – and luxury – skiing trip



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