century,” the insider said. How exciting is THAT? But luckily the Duchess’ alleged due date is not for another couple of months so the palace has plenty of time to prepare for the twins’ arrival.

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“The first people they told about the twins were Kate’s family, and they were so happy,” the insider gushed. “Carole loves looking after little George and Charlotte, and took care of them while away most recently.” Aw! It’s great to know that Kate and William will have plenty of backup help if they end up having twins.

And although rumors regarding Kate being pregnant surface frequently, there ARE a few telling signs that may indicate the duchess is in fact expecting. Remember when William offered her a taste of his crepe-like dosa during day two of their Royal visit to India? Kate totally waved him off. “The last thing she wanted was to be sick on camera from eating the traditional Indian dish,” the insider said. After all, Kate was known to suffer extreme morning sickness during her first two pregnancies.

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