EXCLUSIVE: Camille Grammer claims she was physically and mentally ABUSED by Kelsey Grammer

EXCLUSIVE: Camille Grammer claims she was physically and mentally ABUSED by Kelsey Grammer and that she suffers from PTSD because of alleged assault by her ex-boyfriend in bombshell court documents

  • A shocking deposition obtained by Daily Mail Online is part of a motion by Dimitri Charalambopoulos lawyers to compel Camille to share medical records and papers relating to her divorce from Kelsey
  • Camille’s psychiatrist Dr Bethany Tucker read from her notes: ‘Patient realizing the abuse she took from Kelsey and how it affected her’
  • During another session, the doctor told lawyers, Camille told her about ‘an incident where Kelsey Grammer grabbed her arm or injured her shoulder’
  • Camille and Dimitri have been locked in a prolonged legal battle – she claiming he assaulted her in a Houston hotel and he claiming defamation 
  • According to Camille, Dimitri slammed her head into furniture and grabbed her hair 
  • In sessions following the alleged assault Dr Tucker described Camille as suffering from anxiety, depression, panic and eating issues 
  • On one occasion, the doctor noted, she expressed suicidal thoughts Evidence: Camille Grammer shared this photo of her alleged injuries that she claims she suffered at the hands of her then-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3570135/Camille-Grammer-claims-physically-mentally-ABUSED-Kelsey-Grammer-suffers-PTSD-alleged-assault-ex-boyfriend-bombshell-court-documents.html#ixzz47ckF9bP9
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