Jamie Vardy and his fiancee Becky Nicholson

Vardy’s parents, Phil and Lisa, say they will not be going to the couple’s wedding ceremony, planned for next year summer.

Father Phil has said the row between them and their son has been going on ever since Miss Nicholson ‘came on the scene’.

He told The Sun: ‘It’s a real shame and very sad. I have given him 22 years of life to get him to the pinnacle of his career, and I can’t enjoy it… it really upsets me.’

The couple have a one-year-old daughter together and Miss Nicholson has two children from previous relationships.

Miss Nicholson, 33, is obviously looking forward to the wedding, and her Twitter biography simply says: ‘Soon to be Mrs @vardy7’

Vardy previously revealed the couple’s planned wedding day next summer had to be changed when it emerged it clashed with the start of the European Championships, which he now hopes to play in for England.

After initially playing in the lower leagues, Vardy has burst onto the scene this season, equally the Premier League record for the number of consecutive matches a player has scored in and breaking into the England team.

He and his fiancée celebrated his equalling of the record together on Saturday night and she posted a picture of a bottle of champagne she had prepared for him before he returned home from his team’s game with Newcastle United.



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