Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

From The Daily Mail:

‘Robbie knew about my bulimia and he advised me to get help. He told me to go to rehab and that possibly saved my life.

‘The bulimia would have got worse without it. I will always be grateful to him, always.’

Geri, 37, broke down as she made the revelations on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

She said she and former Take that star Robbie shared a close bond, becoming friends two years after she left the band.

‘I became really close to Robbie after leaving the Spice Girls and it was a very poignant friendship.

‘I was lonely and felt he was the only person on the planet who could understand me because of his experiences with Take That.

‘We understood each other. But I didn’t really go out with him. I am happy and healthy now.’

Geri was treated for her bulimia at the Cottonwood Du Tuscon clinic in Arizona.

The star’s weight has been a frequent topic of discussion in the media, with only her love-life equalling the column inches it has received.

The former pop star has always been open about her battle with eating disorders, revealing her bad eating habits during the early days of the Spice Girls.

During her time in the band, she was a size ten-12 and weighed around nine stone.

She started to shed the pounds soon after her departure, enduring yoga workouts every day and at one point slimming down to a tiny 7stone, wearing size six clothes.

Geri, a mother of one, now weighs a healthy 8stone, but has openly admitted she occasionally attends Overeaters’ Anonymous sessions to maintain a healthy relationship with food.




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