Brangificent ; madness, beauty and betrayal

Distraught: Brad Pitt is 'terrified' of losing access to his children with Angelina Jolie amid allegations of abuse. The estranged couple are pictured in 2011 with four of their six children

I have spent the past few days reading articles on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split. It’s riveting in part because it has elements of betrayal, wealth, beauty; and the whole family unit perhaps torn apart by undiagnosed mental health issues.

Brad Pitt is apparently being investigated for a fight which he and Maddox had in a private jet last week which got out of hand. Brad Pitt has been cited as abusing hash and alcohol by Jolie. Not only this; but Jolie has said that he has anger management issues. There do not seem to be any affairs on either side. At this time Jolie is not allowing Brad to see his kids. This must really hurt.

I imagine Brad Pitt in the corner of his home, smoking and drinking; cowering in the corner. He stands to lose his six children. He, by all accounts, come from a stable background. His parents are still married. Perhaps he does have explosions of anger. Perhaps he does smoke weed. But the mud slinging from Angelina’s (invisible) court is vindictive and reminiscent of an evil villain destroying her ex-beloved.

Angelina has huge political aspirations, and a husband may just get in the way of them. Angelina has put Brad on a pedestal in the past and has now kicked him off in scorned fury.  “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” Quote by William Congreve. 1670- 1729.

In equal measure that she loved him in the past; she despises him now. But, underlying issues may be bubbling at the surface. Her lack of identity of self perhaps points to a personality disorder. ( I despise this term actually, as these disorders are often misunderstood and in my view all people are okay essentially, though some went through extreme trouble- but a person/soul is never disordered). Her shaky upbringing and subsequent abandonment by her father have created a type of hole in her inner soul and psyche. In the past she has had many relationships, cut herself, imbibed every drug under the setting sun (including copious amounts of heroin) and has had passionate relationships.

I think it’s important that the two come to some understanding, at least for the sake of the children. I am sure that Brad wants to work things out. If Angelina continues to travel for U.N engagements and political affairs and Brad is working a lot; the children risk feeling abandoned, lonely and in the hands of an ever changing line of nannies.

Patch it up, folks, for old times sake.

Here’s looking at you, Pitts.

No truth: A friend of Brad Pitt's is denying a report that claims the actor lunged at his son Maddox while they argued on a flight last week (Pitt and Maddox in 2014 above)

Not having it: The individual also spoke out against Angelina Jolie's allies, accusing them of running an 'endless smear campaign' against Pitt (Jolie and Maddox above in 2015)

Family first: 'He is focused on the best interests of the kids right now, that is why he has remained silent despite the smears,' said the friend (Jolie and Pitt above in 2011)

Baby mama: Maddox was adopted by Jolie from Cambodia when he was only a few months old back in 2002 - while she was still married to Billy Bob Thornton (Jolie above in 2014)



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