Cash and Carey Out

James Packer and Mariah Carey have split. Apparently Mariah was spending too much money and James was against the idea of her reality t.v. show; not wanting his private life leaking garishly through the camera lens. The media, the very thing that he owns, is an entity he wants to keep behind. Not in front of. Let’s hope he doesn’t buy Trump t.v.

My billionaire doesn’t love me anymore. It’s over, it’s over, it’s over.

Power couple: The pair became engaged in January after a whirlwind romance of less than a year

And it burns, burns, burns, that $10 million ring of fire.

Keeping the rock? The glossy magazine claims that the business tycoon has allowed Mariah to keep her $10m diamond engagement ring

Mariah Carey is reportedly keeping the ring. He often looks slightly apprehensive beside her. Like below:

Former heartbreaks: Both James and Mariah have learned a few lessons in love over the years with the pair having pieced together broken hearts from failed past romances

James Packer has three children with model and singer Erica Baxter. Prior to that marriage he was wed to Jodhi Meares. (1999-2002). In 2002 he became friends with Tom Cruise. He took some courses in Scientology at the Dundas business center. He later said that he found his involvement with Scientology helpful. He later did distance himself from the church. Over the years his net worth has taken a dive; and he is probably looking after the pennies. He completed his HSC in Australia. (High school diploma). He said that he did not have the marks/grades to go on to university or college. Which is fine; I don’t think you need caped academia to run a business; rather large business savy. He sold Australian t.v. channel nine to a private equity firm.  He has moved away from traditional media companies with a vision of a worldwide gambling empire called Crown Resorts. James Packer seems like a complex character; like a tree being cut; bit by bit; shedding his ancestors’ businesses. But the roots of the tree remains; many circular lines revealing its life, like palms have deep lines pertaining to ones destiny. Essentially one cannot alter fate; or it will call for you loudly, bellowing and beckoning your soul; like church bells tolling the time.



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