Branding ourselves to death

Have we branded ourselves to the point where we forget our true selves? The superficial tint on modern life is destroying the very essence of humanity. People are so busy looking inwards that they sometimes (not always, of course) forget to look around and see the reality. But sometimes the reality is too hard to bear ; a kind of conjuring up of the ‘ Virginia Woolf’ staring reality in the face. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? We all are, but in this day and age aka 2017, this fear has reached levels higher than Elon Musk’s spacey dreams. Starbucks has a green heart drawn together by two starbucks cups. Eco friendly and in love? There is a message written in caps and cursive to ‘share the love.’ That’s loving, feel good and speaks to the inner hippy.

What propels us to live a so called perfect life on facebook? Why tag a boyfriend/lover/husband/dog/frog/cat/goldfish on a Valentine’s post. I love you oh so so so much my 2 day old goldfish Finny-Finny-Foo. Oh, let’s get so fiscally engaged! Roses are red, violets are purple, sugar is sweet and so is maple surple. Whatever you fall in love with; best to keep it to real life. Oh, yes, I know I’m being cynical. Now, back to the royal we. Off to the races, old Queen?

Did you notice that homeless man sitting at the far corner of Starbucks with an enormous backpack, having an anxiety attack because he has just been kicked out of the homeless shelter unable to pay the $6 dollar a night fee the so-called humanitarian places charge?

Keep spinning the brands. First of all it was the tobacco companies that told us that smoking was good for us. Those tobacco execs were really ‘mad men’ who kept the dirty tarry little secret hush hush. This doctor is tanned, smiling and so healthy. Cough. We image the cigarettes toasting one another in the air; like a champagne glass toasting another after news of a hubby’s (or wife’s) promotion at work. Smoking and cigarettes are a billion dollar industry. Okay, okay, a hypocritical, cynical ex-smoker. Now back to the royal we. One, what ?

Image result for old tobacco ad promoting health

Another billion dollar industry is the beauty industry; as demonstrated by actor Stanley Tucci in ‘A Devil wears Prada.’ The main ingredient in corn chowder is cellulite. The main ingredient in the beauty industry is of course the desire to be movie star gorgeous; but driven by profits. It’s easy to destroy people’s self esteem when you plug more make-up; tighter clothes and endless plastic surgery. ‘You’re not good enough’ is this message. What are you going to do? Employ an invisible guru called Mr. Salf Asteem to make you more estimable in your estimated self. You can put all the make up and plastic surgery and chin surgery on someone because it sells. But, this beauty branding of people will not make them happier. Conversely, it will make them all the more miserable, spirally their self image right out the Vogue windows and crying in a little heap over billowing smoke in a Manhattan sidewalk. Ay, there’s the steamy esteem.

Social media in all its myriad forms is a branding of the self. It is packaging ourselves up in glistening tinsel. It’s promoting envy ; where it should be about being friends. But facebook is just a high school year book, or college yearbook online. It makes infants of us all; whilst merrily laughing all the way to the bank. Plus, it steals all the info we read online and adverts start to pop up. Ah, there’s Trader Joe’s and I was just looking at what I was going to buy for dinner. It’s like the Russian spies all over again ! Except they’re the Facebook spies. Eye. Eye. Don’t be upsetti, spaghetti. You’re my friendy, Penne.

Now instagram is a mystery spy novel. ( To me, to we). Don’t know much about instagram and don’t claim to be an A student. But the pictures are trying to be. They’re selling pretty well. Santa Sebag Montefiore informs us that Tara Palmer Tomkinson’s cause of death was in fact a ruptured ulcer and not a brain tumor. That is interesting. Actually, that was on twitter, darling. Woops, it got technical again. It’s actually a mixture of twitter and instagram as Santa has used a picture of Tara from instagram. A hybrid twitgram. Even Trump-a -tweet is twittering away. All day and all of the presidential night.  But then there are a gazillion people strutting their stuff in swimming and bedtime attire, sometimes even hanging off skyscrapers and falling down cliffs to their own deaths all in search of that perfect photo. And that, my friends, is called branding yourselves to death.




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