Love in the time of Elvis

Close: Rumours of a relationship between the two were sparked in January when they were spotted getting in and out of a white limo outside  Craig's in West Hollywood 

It’s not unusual to …

Tom Jones is dating Priscilla Presley. They met years ago, when Priscilla was married to Elvis. Tom as married to his late wife, who died last April of cancer after a sixty year marriage.

But here’s what I think it must be like for Priscilla. Every date that she goes on, there must be the specter of Elvis hanging about; cloudy, forever young, forever singing haunting lyrics. And for the man she is dating he must be always be reminded of this huge icon who changed the very foundation of music. How could he compare to Elvis Aaron Presley? The ghost would be always all shook up. The twin of Elvis who never made it onto this very Earth might be the ghost twin. But now I must stop. For it’s all very ghoulish.


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