Harry’s best friend’s wedding

Pictured: A piece read at the wedding

This poem was read out. By Jake Warren. Pictured above.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry flew separately to attend the wedding of Tom Inskip and Lara Hughes Young. The wedding took place on Montego bay; on Jamaica’s north coast. Tom Inskip is the long term friend of Prince Harry and also attended Eton college. Tom Inskip’s father- Owen Inskip- was a field master was a field master at Prince Charles’s favorite hunt- the Beaufort hunt. The two have had some fun times together throughout the years.

According to the Sun newspaper:

Prince Harry knocked over a tray of drinks while moonwalking to Michael Jackson at his best friend’s wedding. Harry, 32, in Jamaica for a three-day knees-up with lover Meghan Markle, crashed into a waitress while showing off his moves to hit Billie Jean. Insiders said Harry was on the dance floor enjoying the “mother of all parties” on Friday night after his Eton pal Tom Inskip tied the knot.

One revealed: “He was going backwards when he banged into a waitress carrying a tray of drinks and sent them flying. Harry gasped, looked shocked and put his hands on the waitress’s shoulders and apologized. Meghan and Harry were kissing each other constantly and danced with each other. Everyone was very drunk.”

Harry, actress Meghan, 35, and dozens of guests sank rum cocktails and tucked into jerk chicken at the £5,000-a-night Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay. Speculation is growing that the couple, who have been dating since last June, will be next to get hitched. Pals say they have already discussed marriage and kids. One said: “I think Harry may propose near the anniversary of their first date. So they’ll be engaged by the end of the summer. They have spoken candidly about their future and see a life together. They both want kids and have chatted about how they’d be as parents. It’s the real deal for both of them.”

A body language expert has said that the Prince appears bored. He is standing behind Miss Markle. She is the one who is stroking his back, reassuring him. But perhaps he is wary on some level of the buzzing paparazzi constantly shuttering away; he may fear subconsciously some danger coming his or his girlfriend’s way. Perhaps that is what makes him look wary and not display affection in public. This may be the potential princess, or it may not. Our binoculars are focused on them; as if they are ‘the opera.’ Harry is constantly aware of the camera lens intruding on his life; his stage; his opera. His life has become an oeuvre, a kind of impressionist painting. How can he act naturally? Only behind closed doors can he be himself. Even then, he must trust his friends and lover implicitly. Claude Monet often captured the ephemerality of nature; the pivotal point that the natural world can change so suddenly. Sunset can be a fierce orange-yellow-pink flare which subsides and drowns into the night. Hopefully their relationship will be long lasting; rather than a fleeting sunset.

Below. A picture so beautiful it could be an impressionist painting. Like a Renoir painting- natural light is shining through this photo.


Prince Harry and Miss Markle (pictured together) were close throughout the day and ended up relaxing on a table together 


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