My dear political diary- The Art of The Eel

When a healthcare bill morphs into a business deal and then Paul Ryan calls ACA “fatally flawed.”

Tweets for thought:

  @realDonaldTrump Chiefly, bigly, tweety

“Know when to walk away from the table.” The Art of the Deal

“The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it.” – The Art of The Deal. The Eagles play – Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses.

The Art of The Deal play on words received a few jokes yesterday. The fart of the deal. The Art of the Steal. The Wall Mart of the Deal. The fart of the steal. The Art of the feel. The Smart of the meal. The art of the squeal. Oink, oink.

But in my, fatally flawed brain it became the Art of The Eel.

Image result for art of the eel

I saw many eels like business predators swimming around a vast political ocean which exists in make believe and er, Disney? Beside these eels were multicolored fish, and at the bottom of the ocean were the crabs content to just shuffle around and be hermits. Sounds like a good life to me. I’ve often thought it would be lovely to be either a crab or a seagull. Although one is cloistered and one is free, but that is beside the point. In sea deed.

Fatally flawed ACA – like a Shakespearean character

Food for thought. Eely delicious.

In the final analysis, Hamlet’s tragic flaw, his inability to decide–about the Ghost and about vengeance–and then to act to take revenge for his father’s death, leads him and many others, including his mother, Polonius, Laertes and Ophelia, to their bloody graves.

House Republican leaders decided to pull their Obamacare replacement bill at the last minute at the request of President Donald Trump and using the mouthpiece of Paul Ryan, Speaker of The House– a nadir of many difficult weeks. No one put their cards on the table. It was like a bridge game that ceased before it began. This bill needed no less than 215 “yes” votes to pass the House, lowering the number from 216 because one Democrat would have been absent for the vote.

Trump this morning tweeted that “after seven horrible years of Obamacare (skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare), this is finally your chance for a great plan!”

I tweet, therefore I face palm.

After the bill was pulled Paul Ryan came out to speak to the press. He looked tired, he rubbed his nose repeatedly but his haughty manner remained. He called the Affordable Care Act (or Obama Care) “fatally flawed.” This made me think of the health care bill as a Shakespearean figure, but which one? The ACA is not perfect, by any means, but has many strengths and includes good Medicaid and Medicare coverage. But the ACA is not fatally flawed. The two characters which are flawed are Paul Ryan and Donald J. Trump. Now, Romeo was impulsive and Macbeth too ambitious. They could be, for all intents and purposes, Hamlet 1 and Hamlet 2. For at the center of the drama was a deep inability to decide – a dogged prevarication. A paralyzing depression. The result was an annihilated bill which would have been subject to votes. Pages of the bill are essentially paper (or data) Polonius, Laertes or Ophelia. Walking away from something is not wanting to be put under a microscope. This isn’t a date. This isn’t business. This is not the Art of The Eel or whatever the heck it’s called. Underwater creatures making business deals? You cannot walk away from the table in Government matters. This is not a sit down dinner with five courses, Russian men and Russian horses. Neigh.Couldn’t put billy back together again. This affects people’s lives. This is a job which requires humanity. The pages upon pages of Trump Care may never be revealed; and a new bill will be drafted up in a few months time. But next it’s on to taxes. I tax not, neither do I spin.  Making the one percent great again. Big league.

Eel trap in Denmark around 1900

Hair for thought. I wax not, neither do I sin.

P.S. Paul Ryan has a widows peak. A widow’s peak is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead. Hair growth on the forehead is suppressed in a bilateral pair of periorbital fields. Without a widow’s peak, these fields join in the middle of the forehead so as to give a hairline that runs straight across.

In fact, if you google ( I google  therefore I ain’t using my noodle)  widow’s peak you’ll find these wise words above. And the first picture is this of Mr. Paul Ryan himself ! Here’s looking at your widow’s peak, kid.

Image result for widows peak

P.P.S. Goodnight, dear political diary. Love, a small and insignificant citizen of the world at large.



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