Richard Simmons leaves house for first time in three years to go to hospital

Richard Simmons has been hospitalized with severe indigestion on Monday in California. He is reported to be doing much better now. Michael Catalano, his rep said he is much better now. Indeed, a few weeks ago Catalano said that Simmons is about to sign a deal with Prominent brand plus Talent.  The fitness guru has painted his magic brush strokes on making fitness fun. His fun nature and love of exercise has changed many of his followers. What he is dealing with now- this agoraphobia may take some time to get over.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder where the person feels anxiety in certain situations which seems unsafe. One may want to flee for the exit at anytime. For example, you might be in a supermarket, feel dizzy and overwhelmed and then drop your shopping and leave the supermarket.  Feeling dizzy, overwhelmed and extremely agitated are  hallmarks of a panic attack.  Those affected will go to great lengths to avoid a situation.  In severe cases, people will go to great lengths to avoid leaving their home. It literally means fear or a public square or a marketplace.

Richard Simmons has been cloistered at home for the past three years. He reached out to the media in 2016 to insure his fans that he was not being held hostage at home.  Speculation has surrounded his physical and mental health. His exile has inspired the hit podcast ‘Missing Richard Simmons.’   The podcast is made by The Daily Show producer Dan Taberski. It is now the most popular podcast since Serial and may be elongated and filled out to become a new t.v. series. But is this a manufactured disappearance? I don’t think so. But it sure will be one hell of a show.


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