Aaron Hernandez ‘wrote bible verse John 3:16 on his forehead

Aaron Hernandez ‘wrote bible verse John 3:16 on his forehead and smoked synthetic marijuana before taking his life in his prison cell’

  • Aaron Hernandez, 27, was found hanging in his prison cell on Wednesday morning
  • John 3:16 was reportedly written on his forehead with a red marker and Bible was open to that verse 
  • Hernandez was acquitted in his double murder trial last week but was serving a life sentence for the shooting death of Odin Lloyd in 2013
  • Investigators also looking at possibility he smoked K2 synthetic marijuana before hanging himself – the same kind he smoked after killing Lloyd. It is known to cause psychotic episodes 
  • And he had friction with members of the Bloods gang while in prison, despite – or perhaps because of – the Bloods tattoo he’d had on his neck since 2015 
  • He took his own life the same day the Patriots visited the White House to mark their Super Bowl win 
  • In a Massachusetts legal loophole, Hernandez could have his murder conviction vacated because he died before his appeal was heard 
  • That development may also make any civil lawsuit filed by Lloyd’s family against Hernandez’s estate more difficult to prove  and therefore help protect what is left of the former NFL star’s fortune
  • Hernandez leaves behind his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins and a four-year-old daughter Avielle  
  • Hernandez’s attorney, Jose Baez, has claimed he and the Hernandez family believe he was murdered



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