Arthur Collins

Arthur Collins and what drove him to attack? There’s a hole burning in his ego a la Don Draper and the anger exploded

Photos have emerged of Arthur Collins and Ferne McCann embracing on holiday. This is before that fateful night when Arthur poured acid over his victims. Was he happy on holiday? Probably superficially so. Love and lust is a drug which drives one with an ego frazzled at the edges.  Think Sterling’s L.S.D. trip on Mad Men. That floated him into a different declension, I mean, dimension ! Why is Arthur’s ego so heavily damaged? This we do not know. But it has lead him to abuse drink and drugs on some level. If we cannot accept ourselves we can be prone to addiction. The modern world is scary. Instagram, snapchat, facebook and other media outlets are the places to keep up appearances.  Thisagram, whatafecka, snapeats, fakebook. Arthur has to appear cute, good looking, laddish, smart, romantic, rich, happy, enjoying life to the fullest. Ferne McCann has to appear nigh perfect too. Thin, thinner, thinnest. No, instead of this get your head into Latin, oh ye of little face. (BOOK?)

Nominative Rex Reges
Genitive Regis Regum
Dative Regi Regibus
Accusative Regem Reges
Ablative Rege Regibus
Vocative Rex Reges


Rex Tillerson perchance? Exxon mobil-o-o-o. No, no, no ! Although HE is better in the vocative. Ha.ha.ha.  Oh that binary, irony. Because he’s often speechless and nods a lot but doesn’t answer the questions of the press.

Her body has to be perfect, as does her face Thus follows cries of “you are perfectly gorgeous” and millions of likes, loves, even. Because that is the language of social media. Social media at worst is a game of looks. Look good to the outside world.Gap Yah was a fab yah. Rah. Rah. And vibrating on levels so high on winning, whilst Africa is nearly killed by a drought and the world is on the precipice of  degrees of environmental and social disaster.  The difference between rich and poor is getting much larger, and social media burns a hole in poor, the laughing rich yelping a new age giggle of superiority, whilst checking in at five starsery. Enough, already. Look at the newspapers. Balance your ego board. Throw the silver spoons onto the floor with an Oliver Twistesque clatter and cast the view further afield. The superficial pen writes the script; be pretty, be rich, and always be laughing. At the very least be dramatic. After all, this is another,( albeit virtual),  stage. Even if it ain’t Broadway.

Base your soul, the very essence of your being, in the hands of people who become extremely rich at your mercy. Advertisers (HEY MAD MEN leave us kids alone !), the head of Snapchat, whattsapp, Instagram and all that online jazz.The head honchos become very wealthy indeed. At best it’s a great  place to keep in touch with beloved friends and family. That is a matter of dispute. I don’t dispute the potential of fundraising for excellent charities. For those afflicted with ill health to have an invisible hand to the outside world.

But what of Monsieur A. Collins? Something, some deep unseated anger lead to him allegedly throwing the acid that night at that club. The anger could come from childhood pain  (bullying, family trouble) or not being the footballer he hoped to become.  Slowly the picture will unfold, a Renoir in the making with light seeping through at certain angles. A slap dash Picasso perhaps? It could be utter annoyance at all outlets of social media. For we have become an angrier society. Road rage, pesticide rage, social media rage, political rage, a smorgasbord of collective outrage. There’s simply too much pressure and like steam rising we explode in rivulets of bubbling angst. Oh dear, we are mixing up two palates of paint; the main character of this story and general human beings. But that paint must be mixed. For at the heart of every painting of the human psyche is deep feeling, waiting to be explored, examined and understood. We all have a kernel of anger inside of us. Understand what it’s about and release it peacefully. For life is  certainly not about perfect photos and likes. It is so profound that it could never be fully captured on social media outlets. They are simply far too superficial. Therein lies the subterfuge.

Arithmetic values represented by parts of the Eye of Horus

OH THAT BINARY— EYErony …(Irony)

Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice – if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you


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