Life is short, like a butterfly’s life

Animal, Beautiful, Monarch, Butterfly

Life is short in duration. In relative terms. It is so easy to struggle through. If you can, stop and perch on the nearest leaf. Take some deep breaths. For life is short. Like a butterfly’s life. To be born, womb like, to experience bumps and bruises. Suddenly, without warning the butterfly flies. Life is short. Enjoy the sunset. Turn your worries over to a higher being. We are all one and one alike.

Your enemies won’t be there in the next life. Neither will money woes, famine and war. Hang on to every thread of peace and love that runs through the tapestry of the woven life basket. we are all the same. Whether rich or poor, ugly or pretty, fat or poor , we are all the same.  Release resentment and try to forgive even just a little. There is beauty around us in many forms, lest we cast our glance into a stare.


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