anorexic Kate Middleton

Royal Panic Over Anorexic Duchess Kate!

With Duchess Kate looking stick-thin on a glittery night out, top royal aides fear her resolve to be “Princess Perfect” has led to anorexia!

The Duchess of Cambridge’s weight has plummeted to a dangerously low 98 pounds — and insiders said wearing a glamorous gown to the London premiere of the new James Bond blockbuster, “Spectre,” was a “pathetic ploy” to conceal her emaciated condition.

Shocking snaps revealed the 33-year-old mother of two braless in a sheer blue Jenny Packham design that ONLY emphasized her skeletal figure.

“Kate hoped a daring outfit would distract from the sad fact that she’s desperately thin,” an informed royal source told The National ENQUIRER. “But she’s suffering — big time. I’m told Kate’s consulting a leading British medical expert who is treating her for the early stages of anorexia.”

The doctor has made several visits to Anmer Hall, on the queen’s country estate, Sandringham, where Kate and husband Prince William are raising Prince George, 2, and 6-month-old Princess Charlotte, insiders said.

According to the source, rumors that Kate was battling anorexia “began swirling in society circles soon after Princess Charlotte’s birth!”

Despite that, another palace insider divulged that Kate grew determined to craft a “Princess Perfect” image with diet and exercise.

“The sad fact is Kate overdid things,” the insider revealed. “Instead of a body to die for, she’s ended up with a condition that can be fatal.”


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