Do women really have midlife crises ? Where oh where is the red car?

Okay. Today I read an article about Kate Beckinsdale’s fling with a younger man. She looks great, for sure, she always has and is flaunting it on Instagram and the like. She has her hair long, her body is slim and she shows it off. The Daily Mail asks if this is to make someone envious. An old flame, Jon Hamm?  And who wouldn’t want to make Jon Hamm envious? But maybe she is hitting a kind of mid life crisis. I see it in women with fuller lips, and plastic surgery, face peals, enhanced cheek bones the full enchilada face lift. Oh my dahhhling plastic surgeon gimme the whole enchilada. But I’m married, sweetie. Ohhh, a face lift. That’ll cost ya 10 thousand bucks, and then another 20 thousand. …… cheaper than marriage though…. It’s all the rage in 06880. I know couples on the verge of divorce. I see very happily married couples. The husband pats the woman’s bum a few times. They laugh lovingly. They post on Facebook that the last 10 years have been but a dream. The quiet ones I believe, the ones who don’t have a love in on facebook. John and Yoko but typing and chanting on facebook. I don’t think so. Love me don’t. But they want to be thinner, no matter how slim they are now. They want less wrinkles. More hair. Less lines of life. Why should we erase the very essence of our bodies, our souls? And everyone wants more money, more job security, a better car, a more well behaved dog. Why the fuck did we rescue Otis from the humane society?  But what happened to the happy status quo? I don’t see it so much in 06880.

Myself, I consider myself quite young when blessed with an optimistic mood. But in truth I know I’m pushing forty. I’m kind of ignored now when plump. My weight fluctuates and I am determined to loose some weight. My hair requires some hair dye. My skin is battered by years of African sun. But I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my appearance and wrinkles per se. I do worry about my weight. A lot. So that is the main  topic of my middle aged angst. I do understand that men , by and large, ignore me now and look at younger women.  That’s cool, I reason only one has to turn his head and fall in love.  Uh, where have they been all my life ! ;]Germaine Greer once spoke of the invisible factor of getting older. She relished it, in fact. She sat at a café without men staring at her. Her personality came out strong without giggly layers of looks hampering the characters blossoming. You know what I mean? There’s no superficiality involved, therefore I can be real. And , how do they say in California – authentic. They use that word here too, in  Westport Connecticut. But there’s also a hell of a lot of keeping up with the Jonses. Hmm. Oh God, they only have five bathrooms. No pool? No darling, because a piscine is what one pisses in. My French friend once told me. ahh…but what about a tennis court? Excuse me, old fool , have you not heard that the world is on the brink of disaster. Ah, no. But I need a tennis court. Hmm, and also outward looking glasses, non? But many do not want those for once we realise we are just tiny ants in this world the ego takes a huge knocking down suburbia lane. And the housewives wouldn’t want that.

But back to Kate Beckinsdale. She is I believe having a sort of mid life crisis. I shall mull over it and get back to you. But check out the pics and the new young guy and see what you think.

That’s all from Oh 6 88 0. Thank you for reading and have a jolly nice day !

Kiss Kiss Kiss. Katrina X

Kate, who is 44 next month and who studied modern languages at Oxford, has recently taken to reinventing herself as a leading light in the world of shamelessly sexy selfies

















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