Pippa appoints 2 assistants

PIPPA has acquired not one but two ‘Girl Fridays’ – with one acting as her minder. Pippa, 33, has had a mystery brunette to carry her laundry and walk her beloved dogs for some time, but now I can reveal she has also welcomed old friend Camilla Holland to her team.

Camilla acts for Pippa at public events, saving her from bores and even guarding the cubicle if Pippa’s in the lavatory. She is married to the late Richard Attenborough’s grandson Sam Holland and she and Pippa met in 2002 on a £3,600-a-month cookery course. Last week Camilla was clearly acting as Pippa’s assistant at a charity dinner party held at Covent Garden’s Bunga Bunga restaurant for the Miles Frost Fund in memory of David Frost’s son, who died aged 31 of the rare heart condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

It was newlywed Pippa’s first public appearance with financier husband James and, understandably, she seemed nervous – but Camilla was on-hand to intercept unfamiliar well-wishers who approached Pippa and asked about her £1 million wedding. Camilla skillfully interrupted them or changed the subject. Camilla, 33, also opened doors for Pippa and made sure no one entered the ladies’ at the same time. A source said she even waited outside her cubicle door.

One guest said: ‘It was like she was a superstar with a minder. Camilla and Pippa had certainly agreed prior to the event that Pippa needed to be protected from anyone outside her immediate circle of two or three friends and James.’

During the event a magician approached Pippa and asked her to sign a playing card for a trick. The magician told me afterwards that he had no idea who Pippa was until she refused to sign the card and loyal Camilla reached out to sign it instead. The card then popped up in a different part of the restaurant. Camilla is said to have promised to be on hand for Pippa as often as possible, but it is unclear whether she is paid for her services like Pippa’s other Girl Friday, who walks her cocker spaniel Rafa.

[From The Daily Mail’s Girl About Town]

This is… not great. I can understand it if your friend has fallen on hard times and you’re like, “Oh, I’ll hire you to be my assistant, that will be fun!” But it sounds more like Pippa has “hired” some of her middle-class friends to take care of her and pamper her like she’s a spoiled princess now because she’s married to someone terribly moderately wealthy. Also, it seems like Pippa thinks she’s facing a constant barrage of press and paparazzi, an onslaught of interest. Like, Pippa thinks we don’t know that she hired a publicist to hype the sh-t out of her wedding and honeymoon, complete with daily photo editorials and fashion IDs. What’s the best way to get attention? Go to a public event and scream “NO PHOTOS, NO AUTOGRAPHS, PLEASE DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO ME.”

Here are some photos of Pips and James at that charity event last week:


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