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70 years of the UAE in photographs

It’s come a long way since the Trucial States

2016-11-01 05:59

The leaders of the United Arab Emirates have put a strong emphasis on developing for the future, from futuristic driverless pods hitting the streets next year to a planned Mars mission launching in 2020.

But, thinking of the future is nothing new in the UAE and these plans are the continuation of decades of rapid development and expansion. Here’s a look at how much the country has changed since the 1940s.


1. Profile portrait of an Arab falconer in Al Khatam sands near Al Ain in 1948/49


2. An aerial view of Dubai


3. A Dubai street in 1956



4. Smoking shisha on the street

UAE old

5. The clocktower roundabout in the neighborhood of Deira

6. Dubai International Airport is born in 1960



7. Dubai Creek in 1975

Source: hdmessa

8. Buildings rising in the desert

Source: Baraka Advisors


9. Dubai Municipality and former Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry & ARBIFT building in1988

Source: UAE Embassy

10. Al Ain Town Center in 1980s


11. Burj Al Arab being built


12. Souk Madinat Jumeirah in 2006.


13. Dubai traffic at night.

14. Beachside in Abu Dhabi in 2016.

15. Dubai’s impressive skyline.

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