Breaking up like beckham – marriage in trouble hot gossip

David Beckham has gone on a camping road trip around America, amid claims his and Victoria Beckham ‘s marriage is in trouble.

The retired footballer has been sharing piccies from his awesome trip around the States, where he’s been riding his motorbike, camping under the starry skies and swimming in lakes. He can afford the trip. He can afford a new woman. Oh yeah.

Taking to Instagram, he shared a snap of himself having a “morning dip/shower” in the lake.
He also shared a fun video of himself “on the road again” with his pal Derek White.

And it’s just one of many holidays David has had recently, while Victoria has stayed in London, focusing on her fashion career.
Over the past six months David has visited Madrid, Geneva, Shanghai and Paris, plus gone on an African safari with the kids, while in May he appeared at the star-studded Cannes AmfAR gala with Victoria nowhere to be seen.
In April, he spent all his time in LA – but did briefly return to London to see his wife pick up her OBE at Buckingham Palace.
And he only returned to London again for his daughter Harper’s birthday this month.

We just need Roy Orbison singing ‘it’s over, it’s over, it’s over.’


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